Monday, October 22, 2007

Sheroes Central

Sheroes Central. This site was founded by authors Tamora Pierce and Meg Cabot. It is dedicated to female heroes past and present.

The index page lists fun facts, has links to other sites, and ultimately leads to an active online community centered on a discussion board. This site has a lot of potential and I hope it starts adding content beyond bulletin boards.

This is a nice women's history site even it is just a supped up discussion board. However, it is not perfect. It repeats on the index page the tale that Cleopatra may have been ugly. The site notes, "Did you know that Cleopatra wasn’t particularly attractive, yet men fell for her because she was smart and charming?" Attractiveness is a cultural norm. Marc Anthony thought she was attractive. Good bet she was at least somewhat attractive under the standards of her day...

From the site: is about female heroes, "Sheroes", of every age, race, and country. Here, we discuss women and girls who get out there and do it, females who kick butt and take no prisoners, role models who inspire women and men, girls and boys. (In other words, guys are welcome, too.)

Everyone here is encouraged to express opinions, ideas, and feelings regardless of age. Too often, teens and young people are ignored or deliberately silenced because they have not achieved an age that those around them feel entitles them to be heard. On Sheroes age is not a factor. Here, your opinions count. Adult, teen, or child, you will be heard with respect.

SheroesCentral is a place for us to talk about everything - about sheroes, about history, about books and movies and plays we've been to see. We're a community here, where the members care about what's in the newspapers and what happens in the world all around them. We're silly and serious, sad and happy all in turn. Be honest, be funny, be sad, be yourselves.

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