Friday, November 09, 2007

Book Review Policy

I have been getting comments from publishers/authors offering me a free copy of their book. I am assuming they are hoping for a positive review at this blog. As such, I feel obligated to put a book review policy at this blog:

1. The author of the World History Blog (Miland Brown) is happy to accept free copies of books, software, DVDs, etc. However, all items are accepted as gifts with no assurance that any item will be reviewed at this site.

2. When an item is sent to Miland Brown, there is a possibility that a resulting review may be negative. I am a nice guy but sometimes I do not like a book. If I feel moved to review a gift I do not like, the review may well reflect this.

3. I will not review vanity press publications. If you had to pay to have the book published, it is a vanity. Is it a print-on-demand publication listed in Amazon that you had to pay to have produced? That is a vanity press publication too. It really is not that hard to figure out.

4. If you want to send me a copy of a book (or other item), send me an e-mail at milandbrown at

5. I almost certainly will mention in any review that I got the copy for free. Ethically, I feel I need to do this.

Feel free to offer me free stuff. I like it. However, do not assume that the gift will result in free positive publicity or any publicity at all.

This post will be linked to from the main page of the World History Blog and be considered a core policy.

Thank you.

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