Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comments Policy

I have decided to be less restrictive on the comment policy on this blog. I will now allow anonymous comments.

Here are some rules that govern their approval:

1. Comments with links to other sites will be assumed to be spam and deleted. If you feel you must link to another url, do so and I will look at it. However, unless the link is helpful and not a disguised SEO (search engine optimization) trick attempting to get free Google PR juice, it will be deleted and never published.

2. Comments must be related to the post. If you are attempting to contact Miland Brown, post a comment on the contact page. I will respond if I am interested.

3. Comments must be respectful. You are welcome to disagree with me and I will approve your post. If your comment is hostile and disrespectful, I will delete it. I am very tolerant and will be forgiving. However...

4. Comments should not be posted just to refer to a book. Even if you do not link to the publisher's url, I will not approve comments which appear to just be hyping a book.

This post will be linked to from the main page of the World History Blog and be considered a core policy.

Thank you.


Paul said...

Miland, not too sure how to email you. Hopefully you will be able to read this.

I like the idea of this blog. I've subscribed to it via Google Reader. Just a couple of recommendations: you might want to make the "subscribe to feed/post/atom" a bit more visible. Its in text at the bottom of the page. I didn't see it and I found it via search. Most pages have the rss icons to click on--that's what folks look for. You'd probably get more subscribers that way.

Trying to get this message to you, I looked for a "contact me" link and didn't find one. Is there any way you can have something like that, either via email or a "comments" section at this site?

I know these are little details. Again, I like the themes you write about and look forward to future posts. Take care.


M said...


Thanks for the comment. I have implemented both of your suggestions. Is this better?


Paul said...

Yes, Miland. Those links are very noticeable--in a place folks naturally look (one of the top corners of the main page). Much better.