Thursday, December 20, 2007

Convict Creations

Australia is a nation founded by convicts. Not surprising, much of the history and traditions of the island nation can be traced back to the convicts who originally settled the continent. Convict Creations promotes unique aspects of Australian culture that have been built upon its convict foundations.

There is a lot of good content at this site. I lost myself for over an hour reading many of the pages. Here are a few I thought were worthwhile:

Convict life - A life of floggings, regrets, and more floggings.

Gallipoli - Remembering loss in a useless battle.

Australian immortals - The great heroes who were losers.

Politics - Beer drinking records, and missing trousers.

Whether you study Australian history or not, you will find this site fun and informative. Have fun!

From the site:

Today, the Convict memory continues to shape Australia 's cultural evolution. For some concerned citizens, the Convict stigma seems to inspire an obsession with championing migrant cultures, or Aboriginal cultures, so that the stain can be washed away. Such people would look at the above comments and criticise them as inaccurate stereotypes in modern day multicultural Australia and/or irrelevant to the traditions of Aborigines.

For nationalists, Convict history also seems to be problematic. As much as nationalists love history, there just isn't any moral resonance in pulling out grandpa's ball and chain for a street march that preserves the spirit of the founding fathers.

To help understand the cultural peculiarities of the Australia's concerned citizens and nationalists, as well as those Australians who don't identify with either, the Convict Creations web site explores those missing links in the Australian story that, although having a significant influence in making Australians unique, have been ignored by the official textbooks.

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The the post on piracy and this one on Australiana made me remember a great movie where both converge - Dead Calm - a 1989 australian thriller about a pirated yacht starring a very young frizzy haired & aussie-twanged Nicole Kidman - strewth! what a brave sheila!