Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random History

Random History - This site offers history and word origins on random topics, from proms to the history of celebrity. Visitors can peruse random history articles or request new topics.

There are no details on who is creating these articles. Further, the topics selected for articles seem to coincide with search terms which lead to high payoffs for sites using a commercial advertising program such as Google Adsense. This site probably is going to have these sorts of ads once it gets established. There is nothing wrong with that but it does lead to a strange mix of history articles differing greatly from most history sites.

I will withhold judgement on the site for now and link to it. I do like many of the articles currently present. I will monitor it and hope it continues to grow as a quality site.

From the site:

Welcome to! We've created a site full of brief, random histories and word origins just for the closet history buff like you. If you're looking to brush up on a few items of history, learn something new about a random subject, or just wile away some time on the internet learning interesting facts, we are definitely the site for you.

Within the site, you will find histories and word origins on just about every topic you could imagine, but, if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to request a topic. We'll do our best to provide an accurate, interesting history or word origin on any subject you choose. We currently offer a number of different, interesting histories, including a history of prom and an intriguing history of celebrity. If you are in a more scholarly mood, you can also find a history of water treatment and a history of credit cards, among many other topics. We invite you to take a moment, put up your feet, and satisfy your curiosity at

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