Monday, February 25, 2008

7 Craziest Conspiracy Theories

If you want a good laugh, check out 7 Craziest Conspiracy Theories at However, when you realize that people actually believe a few of these, it is not nearly as amusing. People will believe anything. Many of these are very much related to history.

Here is the list:

1. Israel makes Palestinian schoolgirls sexually promiscuous by selling them aphrodisiac bubble-gum. (If this kind of gum existed, would not men from around the world be scrambling to purchase it?)

2. Alien Reptiles are dominating the World. (According to the theory, George W. Bush is an alien reptile. It does explain a lot...)

3. Wingdings font has a secret message of approval to kill Jews. (Must be the Palestinians fighting back against that gum mentioned in #1.)

4. Stephen King killed John Lennon. (Mark David Chapman, the killer of Lennon, is probably not getting his hopes up about getting out of jail based on this theory.)

5. The Early Middle Ages (614–911 AD) never occurred. Year 2007 is actually 1710. (Who in the world would benefit from fabricating three hundred years of history? And why would so many historians from around the world and from various time periods go along with it?)

6. Paul McCartney is dead. The current is just a lookalike. (Well, this one at least is old news.)

7. NASA Faked the Moon Landings. (Sadly, this one is old too. It is an insidious piece of bad historical revisionism which just will not go away. The evidence debunks this but evidence is irrelevant to true believers.)

I want to start my own historical conspiracy theory! I need to come up with something good and then see how long it takes before people start believing it. Something wild but with some plausibility would be nice. "Facts" that can not be disproven by any evidence would be great too. Give me some time...


plastic said...


I had never heard of some of those, they are spectacular. I particularly like the missing middle ages.

I only beleive in a few of them. ;)

Anonymous said...

In the 62's & 70's there was a conspiracy theory that anything you xeroxed was transmitted to a central file registry at Xerox & the infomation stored....

Anonymous said...

You may also like to add to your list of conspiracy theories, the existence of secret societies like the famous Nine Unknown Men: