Thursday, February 14, 2008

The failure of Balkan Communism and the causes of the Revolutions of 1989

The failure of Balkan Communism and the causes of the Revolutions of 1989. Steve Sowards of Michigan State University has this lecture up on the failure of communism in the Balkans. It is part of a larger Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkans History.

Sowards cites fours causes for the failure of communism in this area:

1. Collapse due to economic failure.

2. Collapse due to the arms race.

3. Collapse due to "perestroika" in the Soviet Union.

4. Collapse due to the rise of alternatives to Communism.

From the site:

The Revolutions of 1989 that ended Soviet-style Communism in the East European socialist states from the Baltic to the Balkans, were both dramatic and largely unexpected. It will be many years before a full documentary record is available, or the evidence that is required for a complete, reliable picture of what happened. However, one can discuss the causes of 1989, and explore some interpretations. This lecture discusses four explanations. Many of the key events in those explanations are interrelated, and it makes some sense to treat them as four stages in a lengthy process.

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Anonymous said...

Really useful, i'm doing history at university in the UK, and these have really helped me get my head round some of the ideas illustrated in my lectures. Thanks!