Friday, February 22, 2008

Historic Cities

I found a sharp site that features maps, literature, documents, books, and other materials concerning historic cities around the world. It is Historic Cities. It is a joint project of the Historic Cities Center of the Department of Geography, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jewish National and University Library.

The site can be searched by year or by region. There is also a collection of biographies of historic map makers. There is a lot of content at the site and it is well worth exploring.

From the site:

The task is immense: every historic city is unique, many cities were mapped time and again, and there are thousands of relevant historical documents.

There is no way to accomplish such a task without your help. We are looking, therefore, for the collaboration of scholars and amateur and local historians who will share part of their knowledge with the public, either directly, exposing their own web-sites, or indirectly, using our services.

Did you scan material for your students? Do you collect old maps of your city? Would you like to recommend translated historical documents and descriptions concerning the history of your city, which you think are important for all of us? Would you like to recommend links which might be of interest to our site?

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rodpod said...

That's a very interesting site. A lot of nice little bits of info on there.