Friday, March 21, 2008

American History - 1950-1959

The Kingwood Library of Lone Stare College in Texas has a fun resource up. It is titled American History - 1950-1959. It provides an overview of 1950s U.S. history, with a timeline of key events, suggested reading, and links to resources on technology, art, literature, fashion, music, television, sports, and other topics of American cultural history.

From the site:

The purpose of this web and library guide is to help the user gain a broad understanding and appreciation for the culture and history of the fabulous fifties (1950s). In a very small way, this is a bibliographic essay. While there is no way we can link to everything, we have attempted to find areas of special interest and to select information that we hold dear today - movies we watch, songs we sing, events that move us, people we admire. To see the whole picture, we encourage users to browse all the way through this page and then visit the suggested links for more information on the decade. We feel the best way to immerse oneself in a topic is to use both Internet and the library. The real depth of information is best read in books. More photographs, more information, more depth. Then, there is information that will be found only on the Internet; a journal from someone, photographs like those on our pages.

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