Monday, March 24, 2008

From Antiquity to Einstein

Are you ready for some good lectures notes on the history of science? Jose Wudka of the University of California, Riverside has a nice collection up at From Antiquity to Einstein. It includes definitions and examples of early uses of scientific method, large numbers, early cosmology, Newtonian laws, electricity, magnetism, waves versus particles, and light.

The site is a bite dated as it is from 1998. Despite this, the content is solid and worth perusing. There is a lot here for those looking to teach this subject.

From the site:

These notes cover the development of the current scientific concepts of space and time through history, emphasizing the newest developments and ideas. The presentation will be non-mathematical: the concepts will be introduced and explained, but no real calculations will be performed. The various concepts will be introduced in a historical order (whenever possible), this provides a measure of understanding as to how the ideas on which the modern theory of space and time is based were developed. In a real sense this has been an adventure for humanity, very similar to what a child undergoes from the moment he or she first looks at the world to the point he or she understands some of its rules. Part of this adventure will be told here.

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