Monday, April 28, 2008

Alexander the Great's Shield Found?

Has the shield (and crown) of Alexander the Great been found? Some archaeologists believe they have. Alexander the Great is regarded by many as the greatest general who ever lived. He died young at 32 and probably his biggest mistake was overextending his empire and failing to leave it to a single capable ruler.

An article titled Light cast on ancient Greek tomb has the details. It notes, "Archeologists say an ancient Greek tomb thought to belong to Alexander the Great's father is actually that of Alexander's half brother. Recent studies show that the artifacts found in the tomb are a generation more recent than previously thought, said Eugene N. Borza, professor emeritus of ancient history at Pennsylvania State University. Archeologists say the iron helmet, ceremonial shield and silver crown belonged to Alexander the Great himself but were then claimed by his half brother after his death."

Borza said, "We have several surviving coins issued in his own lifetime showing Alexander holding what appears to be a scepter of about that height."

If true, this is indeed exciting. I realize it is not possible to handle these items but I sure would love to touch something that Alexander owned and used.

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