Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NASA Admits Moon Landing Hoax

NASA today admitted what many historians have long suspected. All of the Apollo Moon landings were hoaxed.

"It is true," NASA spokesman John Deveres announced. "All of the lunar footage was shot at a studio in Roswell, New Mexico."

Deveres continued, "Frankly, I am amazed that NASA was able to pull this off for so long. You would have thought that the Russians would have caught on with them having been monitoring radio transmissions from the Moon that never were transmitted. Heck, I thought someone on the production crew would have let it slip by now. I am amazed at how well this has been covered up."

There is some controversy within NASA over why the hoaxes were done in the first place. Deveres noted that NASA administrators today are baffled as to what their predecessors were thinking. "Was it for funding? Was it about beating the Soviets in the Cold War? Maybe the idea was to entertain people."

Deveres also pointed out that under interstellar law, the United States is bound by treaty to stay on the Earth. "We can't go to space except to orbit the planet. The Moon is a no-go zone due to Earth being a quarantined planet. That treaty with the Greys is pretty specific on that point. It would take a new treaty with the Others to allow us to land on the Moon."

Noted Moon landing skeptic Ricard Sanchez was elated at the admission. He said, "I have devoted my whole life to debunking this event. I told you so twenty years ago! You can stop calling me a lunatic now. I was right and history will always remember this."

The White House had no comment. The international community had a stronger reaction. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, "This is yet another outrageous example of American leadership. We all agreed to keep this covered up for the good of the planet and yet the Americans on their own have decided to let everyone know about the staged Moon landings. I do not see how this helps anyone."

Deveres encouraged Americans to be optimistic. "Someday, a man will walk on the Moon. We can do it. Just have faith."


M said...

Yes, today is April 1st. I hope you figured this out on your own.

Ingar: said...

That's what I've always said!!!

.. and Paul McCartney died while they were recording "St Pepper's"!

.. and Elvis is still alive!

Anonymous said...

Clearly this is just an elaborate attempt by the Illuminati to prevent us from realizing that the Rosicrucians and the Knights Templar have actually inhabited the moon since 1537.

Anonymous said...

evan andersen

yeah right, did you see the movie 10,000 BC? that was taped on the moon, god, people are so behind the times.

evan andersen

Graham Wainwright said...

I went to the Moon last week on the number 58 - it's made of cheese.