Sunday, April 27, 2008

The New York Times Learning Network

Following a link from the Yahoo! Directory, I came upon a great teaching resource. It is the The New York Times Learning Network. It includes free news and education resource for teachers of grades 3-12, their students, and parents. It also includes current events, lesson plans, vocabulary and geography builders, daily news quiz, On this Day in History, and forums.

Obviously, the site exists to promote the New York Times. As this is a good resource, I do not care about that too much. Good teachers can help teach around any commercial or partisan bias which may be evident in featured articles.

From the site:

Students can read the day's top stories using Knowledge Tools, take a news quiz about today's world, and play special crossword puzzles. Students can also submit a letter to the editor, ask a reporter a question, or submit a science question and search through the Science Q&A archive. They can also expand their vocabularies and practice their verbal test-taking skills, and even take a Web Exploration on a variety of topics.

Teachers can access a daily lesson plan for grades 6-12, written in partnership with The Bank Street College of Education in New York City. Each lesson plan and the article it references can be printed out for classroom use. Previous lessons are available in the archive and in thematic lesson plan units. Teachers can also use News Snapshot, aimed for grades 3-5, to explore current events through New York Times photos and related questions. The site additionally provides teachers with the latest education news from the newspaper.

Parents can enhance their child's understanding of current events using Conversation Starters, join an online discussion, explore the family movie guide or participate with their children in the activities in the student section.

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