Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jomon Japan

Jomon Japan. This site has a practical introduction to Jomon archaeology in Japan. It includes museums, links to other related sites, and research literature.

The site describes this ancient Japanese period. It notes, "The Jomon period, from approx. 12,000 years before present (BP) to 2,400 BP, saw relatively rapid expansion in human population in the islands that now make up Japan. Settlements became larger and more numerous, and various introduced and local plants came into cultivation. It seems that most food was obtained by hunting, fishing, and the collection of wild plant foods. The diversity and creativity of Jomon art is hugely appealing to modern audiences and is a source of inspiration to many people, within Japan and abroad."

The site leaves much to be desired. It has good content but is unsatisfying. Here are a few other equally informative but slightly flawed sites to check out for Jomon information:

Fukui Cave. Recounts the discovery of a cave showing Jomon culture on the southern island in Nagasaki.

The Jomon Period in Japan - This site has a nice timeline.

The Paleolithic Period / Jomon Period - Discussion of the history and food of the Jomon era and its pottery.

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