Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Returning to the History Blogosphere

Last Thursday night, I received word my father-in-law was in the hospital. The next day, he was dead. It was sudden, shocking, and very devastating. After travel for the funeral and to be with family, I am finally back home.

During this time away, I only got on the Web one time. It was humbling for me to see how unimportant blogging can be sometimes. My blog went for a week without a post. So what? Life went on and I doubt many people even noticed.

I have no intent on stopping blogging. I will try to maintain this blog for the rest of my life. However, breaks in blogging are going to happen. And further, someday I will die and this blog will be "history." I have always known this intellectually but sometimes it takes something like this to drive the point home.

Sorry to sound depressing. I am OK. And for the time being, so is this blog.


Sumir Sharma said...

Accept my condolences.

May the God rest the departed soul in peace.

Keep blogging.

You do it because you find it good. You are not bound to show it to others. It is "others" like me who say, well this man is great. You never ask me to say so.

In teaching profession, we may not earn lot of money. But when some student comes and pays his gratitude to you ( I hope it so in America. In India, I come across such students) for his success in life, that is our biggest reward. Such a reward is not a destiny of a rich man. Right.


M said...

Thank you Sumir.


M-Dawg said...

My condolences to you and your family.

I agree with Sumir - I enjoy reading your blog because you write about wonderful topics in World History.

Blogging is theraputic and relaxing.

Please continue to enlighten us with your knowledge. :-)

M said...

Thank you M-Dawg. Your comment is appreciated.