Sunday, May 25, 2008

Russian Communists Upset with Indiana Jones

Some Russian Communists are unhappy with the new Indiana Jones film. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opened in Russia on Thursday. The communist distaste for the film can be seen at a CNN article titled Indiana Jones movie upsets communists.

Communist Party members said on the Web this week that the Soviet Union in 1957 "did not send terrorists to the States," but launched a satellite, "which evoked the admiration of the whole world."

Communist Andrei Andreyev said Saturday "it is very disturbing if talented directors want to provoke a new Cold War."

Well, maybe this film is unfair to the Soviet Union. The previous Indiana Jones films may have well been unfair to the Nazis too. As the Nazis were gone or hiding in South America in 1957, a new set of bad guys had to be found and the Soviets seem a good choice for 1957. Maybe the Soviets did not have the same reckless interest in occult archeology that the Nazis did but who else is a better choice to go up against Indiana Jones in this time period? It would have been insulting to Communism had they not been cast in the role of the opposition to Indie.

I doubt this film provokes a new cold war. If one happens, this film will not be the cause. I think most Russians can recognize this film as fiction. It is not like there have never been "evil" Americans portrayed in the Russian cinema. I think most Russians (as well as other world citizens) can recognize fiction.

As a bonus for this film, the Communist Party of Russia's attempt to boycott it may help it sell more tickets in Russia. Lots of Russians dislike the Communist Party. Their objections to it may help to boost the Russian box office tally.


Unknown said...

You've got to be kidding me. This is entertainment! I must admit however, one must understand that basic premise. Should I be upset at the inaccuracies that have been depicted? Only if it is supposed to be an accurate documentary. Viewing the film was entertaining, but like the other Indiana Jones movies. As for the comment about not sending spies to the US in 1957, we know that's a lie, but I'm not going to let that taint my enjoyment of the movie. During the period (and I'm not really sure of the time line as there were things that took place over a large period of time in the movie)the cold war was at its height. We sent spies elsewhere, and Russia did the same thing. Not sure why they're even denying that, unless they feel a strong need to continue to dupe their citizens. Oh well, I take the statement from the Communist Party as just that, propaganda. I enjoyed the movie, even if it wasn't totally historically accurate.

Anonymous said...

Russia is missing the only political point of an otherwise pure entertainment movie. Back in the Cold War Days, there was a witch hunt for "reds" just like the witch hunt for "terrorists" now. People lost their jobs, seuruity clearance, and ability to travel abroad over their political affiliations. They lost their constitutional rights as the governement seached their offices & homes without a warrant. Does any of this sound familiar with the 'new' enemy witch hunt, warrantless wire taps & holding without trial. Isn't this a political statement that we are repeating our mistakes from the past and has nothing to do with Communism?

Anonymous said...

Come's a MOVIE.

I love this line from "M's" original blog, "It is not like there have never been 'evil' Americans portrayed in the Russian cinema."

Okay so let's give the Russkies their due. They are such technokids that they built Sputnik and the Chernobil Reactor and the Kursk. All fine accomplishments that the world should be proud of....oh yeah, and Stalin too...there's a standard bearer.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Russians are not intelligent enough to discern entertainment from reality. I guess they should build shelters throughout their country for when "I Am Legend" or "War of the Worlds" comes to fruition.

Sadly and contrary to popular belief for Russia the only person returning Russia to the Cold War is Putin, his cronies and puppets. The Russian people can thank Putin for the giant steps backward this country has taken since his election and self appointment to the office of Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Take any movie and I bet there is someone out there upset about it!!--Kate Brown.

Karla said...

The film was obviously fiction. Did they think that an alien ship was the cause of the golden city legend? I think in an historical film you want to get your facts straight, but in one so obviously ficticious I think creative license is necessary.

However, I wish that the adventure had centered around a more historical artifact like the previous movies than a sci-fish one.

Time Bandit said...

Ironically enough, less than a few months after this movie came out, US ally Asian Georgia and Russia got into an actual shooting war, which led to increased tensions between the US and Russia, and there is now talk of a resurgence of Cold War.

Sorry to break it to you naysayers, but it turns out the remaining few Russian bolshies were right. Hollywood ignored their warning, distributed this movie and... wallah... now we have triggered a new Cold War!

Don't say you weren't warned, you capitalist running dogs! Ha!