Monday, June 16, 2008

Medieval Settlement Research Group

An interesting and fun site is Medieval Settlement Research Group. It is a product of Archaeologists, geographers, and historians using their disciplines co-operatively in order to advance knowledge of settlements of all kinds from medieval times.

From the site:

The Medieval Settlement Research Group was established in November 1986 from an amalgamation of the Medieval Village Research Group (founded 1952) and the Moated Sites Research Group (founded 1971). Archaeologists, geographers, historians and others belong to the Group, aiming to use their disciplines co-operatively in order to advance knowledge of settlements of all kinds. The Group’s interest is concentrated on the period between the 5th and 16th centuries, but does not exclude earlier and later periods, study of which is often essential for understanding developments in the middle ages.

Over the last forty years members of the Group have contributed significantly to the transformation of views on the history of settlement. Hundreds of "lost" or deserted villages have been identified, shrunken villages and deserted hamlets or farmsteads have been added to the lists of abandoned sites, and moated sites are recognised as a distinctive type of habitation, whether in villages or dispersed as isolated farmsteads. The organisation of the long-term research project at Wharram Percy in North Yorkshire has been a key achievement whilst archive records, for which there is a computerised index, have been deposited in the National Monuments Record. The Group has for many years also sought to influence the policies of the national heritage bodies and others and has issued a number of policy statements on various topics. The Group’s latest, all embracing, statement can be viewed here.

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