Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Blogging Blues

The academic year is intense. On top of teaching classes, professional and committee work dominates a lot of the time. Most academics welcome the coming of summer.

I also welcome summer. I do not have to teach. Committee responsibilities are few. However, I am finding this is a hard time to blog.

Why? I have set aside summer to work on research projects. Further, my wife and kids expect me to spend vacation time on them. (And they deserve it!)

I have found that blogging is harder in the summer than during the academic year. I find this kind of ironic.

This post is an introduction to why the World History Blog has been unproductive the last few weeks. I will be back. I like blogging. I just can not give this priority right now in my life. I have the summer blogging blues. Please keep me on your blog rolls and your RSS feeds. I will be back to posting daily soon even if soon means September.


Anonymous said...

As one who seems to work even on vacations, I still know the importance of time away. It will not only give you and your family time together, but when you do "come back" to blog, teach, etc. you will be new and refreshed. Often I am told my best sermons are the weeks after a break .... so why do they not give their pastor more breaks. Do not feel bad, for we enjoy your blog and want you refreshed!

Anonymous said...

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