Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ancient Olympics Games

Archaeology Magazine has a timely themed collection of essays up at Ancient Olympics Guide. It provides good coverage of the ancient Olympics by leading academics. It also includes articles about the games at Nemea and ancient Rome as well as a guide to the modern Olympic games in Beijing.

A few articles include:

Winning at Olympia

Myths about the Olympic Games

Reviving Nemea's Games

Perspectives from Beijing

Friday, August 08, 2008

The 1936 Liechtenstein Flag Olympic Incident

The 1936 Olympic Games are well known for many historical reasons including Jesse Owens, Adolf Hitler, German nationalism, and palatable tensions which would lead to World War Two. However, a microstate in Europe was also deeply impacted. The consequences were lasting.

During the opening ceremonies, athletes from Liechtenstein were shocked to discover that their flag was identical to the flag of Haiti! After the games, a yellow crown was added to the flag of Liechtenstein.

I guess very few (if any) citizens of Liechtenstein or Haiti had visited the other country or had ever noticed. Of course, if any had they probably kept quiet to avoid the difficulty of changing something as hard as a national flag.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

John Titor, Proven Hoax

Put a fork in him, the John Titor story has now been proven to be a hoax. Almost two years ago, I posted John Titor, Fake Time Traveller. That post now has 26 comments on it and I had to reject dozens of others who continued to irrationally claim that political disagreements between Republicans and Democrats in the USA proved that a civil war was occurring in America right now. In frustration, I finally turned the comments off on that post.

The story is now over. Wikipedia notes in a section about Titor's failed predictions, "A particularly obvious example involves the Olympics, which Titor claimed 'As a result of the many conflicts, no, there were no official Olympics after 2004.' The uneventful staging of the 2006 Winter Olympics refutes this claim; however, there are arguments as to whether or not Titor was referring exclusively to the Summer Olympics. To those accepting this caveat, it is the successful or unsuccessful realization of the 2008 Summer Olympics that will ultimately determine the accuracy of this claim."

Well, official events have already been held at the 2008 Summer Olympics already. Several Women's Soccer (football) matches were held today. I regret to report that the American women lost to Norway 2-0. Regardless what happens now, official events in the Olympic Games have begun. Titor was wrong and is hence a fraud.

Of course, Titor supporters still have a cope out. As I wrote in 2006, "I guess his proponents can claim that John Titor was not a fraud and that he must have visited the past from a different alternate timeline. However, as I am only interested in the timeline I am living in, I am going to dismiss Titor."

The fork is in the turkey. The John Titor story is a fraud.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

History Carnival #67

I am a bit late on this but the newest History Carnival is up. It is at History Carnival LXVII is at Andy Walpole's Future/Retro. As always, there are a lot of good history posts included.

The next History Carnival will be hosted by Mike Ramalho at Osprey Publishing Blog.