Wednesday, October 01, 2008

History Carnival: Let's Take a History Stroll

The newest History Carnival is up at the American Presidents Blog. Jennie Weber has done a good job collecting nice history links from the last month from around the history blogosphere.

The next History Carnival will be hosted by Penny at Disabilities Studies. You can submit to the history carnival here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Discussion Draft of Bailout Bill

Here is history in the making. The Wall Street Journal has the draft of the Bailout Bill. The text here is the agreed-upon draft of the House Resolution for the 2008 $700 billion economic bailout plan. The final version of this bill, if it passes, is likely to look different.

I have to admit I am skeptical. Is giving the rich people who caused the economic mess in the first place a good use of tax money? Will it even solve the problem? However, will failing to pass this bill cause a recession or depression which will make life tough on the tax payers too? I just do not know. I do not think anyone else does either. When in doubt, maybe it would be best to not throw away $700 Billion?