Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Korean War Historical Images

Korean War Historical Images has pictures taken by U.S. Army photographers during the Korean War. It is from the U.S. Army Korea Media Center. It is hosted at flickr.

This is a good collection of photos and definitely shows some unique shots of the Korean War. However, the description on the site is confused. It notes, "Historical images from the Korean War. Public Domain - not for commercial use. Please credit Department of Defense and photographer (see attached captions.)"

What? Public domain means there is no copyright on the pictures and anyone can use them however one likes. This includes commercial use. All works of the US Government are in the public domain and this would include the work of Army photographers. Is the site creator clueless of what public domain means or just playing a bit fast with the rules trying to confuse people from using the pictures commercially?

This is a nice site but I wish they would clean this bizarre legal language up.

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