Monday, March 09, 2009

Were Hawaii and Texas Legally Annexed to the United States?

Free Hawaii has an interesting but I think pointless post up about the American annexation of Hawaii in 1898.

It reads, "The United States Congress twice rejected treaties proposing the annexation of Hawai`i. They opted to 'annex' Hawai`i by joint resolution. Being a domestic law, no resolution other than one ratifying a treaty has any effect on an international level. For instance, Congress cannot annex Russia without Russia's consent."

Texas and Hawaii were both annexed to the USA via Joint Resolutions of Congress. (See and If the Hawaiian annexation was illegal, so then was the Texan annexation. Is Texas legally part of the USA? If so, then Hawaii is too.

If Texas is not legally part of the USA, then LBJ and George W. Bush were never legally President of America as they were not naturally born Americans according to the Constitution. President Obama is a poser too as he was born in Hawaii and is not legally the Prez.

If this Joint Resolution of Congress thing is a big deal, then I suppose we can expect Hawaiian and Texan independence proponents to file a case with the US Federal court system or the International Court of Justice very soon. If they don't, I can only assume they don't have a real case but their arguments are just legal sophistry and propaganda. If your argument about a Joint Resolution of Congress not being legal is full-proof, why not take it to court?

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Anonymous said...

Of course there will be no court case. The argument you are ranting about is weak and would lose in any legal case. The person who wrote this at the blog you linked to knows this too. However, the point of that Free Hawai'i blog is to broadcast their message, not necessarily to bring court cases. I am surprised you are giving them free publicity by linking to them and responding to their "case."