Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Failure to Modernize: The Origins of 20th Century Islamic Fundamentalism

Why has Islamic culture fallen behind the rest of the Western world? Why has it not modernized? The Concord Review has an essay dealing with this titled A Failure to Modernize: The Origins of 20th Century Islamic Fundamentalism. It was written by Tyler Waywell.

From the article:

At the height of the Islamic Empire, the Muslim community was a world leader in both economic status and militarys trength. However, the Islamic world’s failure to modernize its cultural, political, and economic systems has resulted in widespread financial ruin. The inability of the Muslim world to compete in the globalized economy has resulted in chronic povertyand illiteracy, creating conditions in which frustrated youth are willing to embrace new and radical ideologies with the goal of instituting significant change in their societies. Augmented by a history of Western imperialism and aggression upon Muslim lands, modern fundamentalism has grown out of a belief that in order to correct the economic failures that plague the Islamic world, Muslims must disregard all Western influences and return both culturally and spiritually to a time when Islamic society was most dominant.

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