Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Billy the Kid Territory

The New Mexico Tourism Department has a nice site up on Billy the Kid. It is called Billy the Kid Territory. It has information on the famed outlaw including history, maps, and tourist guide for the Billy the Kid National Scenic & Historic Byway. There is even a section on Billy the Kid "Fakes."

Billy the Kid lived a brief life (1860-1881) but it sure was memorable.

From the site:

His real name, Henry McCarty, was rather ordinary. But his nickname still gallops across the high plains of America's imagination. Of all of the Old West's outlaws, it outdistances all the others. He used his familiar, formal alias of William H. Bonney in correspondence. For the last eight months or so of his harrowing life he was known -- as he is remembered today -- as Billy the Kid.

Although McCarty roamed New Mexico Territory for only the last nine years of his short and turbulent life, he called New Mexico home. Today, more than 125 years after his death, scores of historic points of interest here still recall the life and legend of Billy Bonney; the five-month-long Lincoln County War; and the life and legacy of the man who tracked him down and eventually shot and killed him, Pat Garrett.

Welcome to Billy the Kid Territory. It's a travel experience unlike any other in New Mexico. Whether you're following the Kid, the Lincoln County War, or Garrett, retrace the hoofprints, and walk where they walked. Visit the many places that were familiar to them. Watch as those places shed new light on their stories and make them come alive, right before your eyes.

There are three sections here in Billy the Kid Territory. They're entitled Billy the Kid, Billy the Kid Travel Territory, and Billy the Kid Resources.


3rdStoneFromTheSun said...

he still get's that imagination and respect from even kids today

I liked Peckinpaugh's movie version on him

endiscomingblog said...

We sometimes forget the tormented and eventful life of "the Kid".