Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Soldier in Later Medieval England

The Soldier in Later Medieval England is a searchable database of medieval soldiers, including muster rolls and treaty rolls for the years 1369 to 1453 and garrison records from the occupation of Normandy from 1415 to 1453. This is a well done project.

From the site:

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) has awarded a Research Grant worth just under £500,000 to Dr Adrian Bell of the ICMA Centre and Professor Anne Curry of the University of Southampton to challenge assumptions about the emergence of professional soldiery between 1369 and 1453.

The project has an innovative methodological approach and will be producing an on-line searchable resource for public use of immense value and interest to genealogists as well as social, political and military historians. The project employs two Research Assistants over three years and also includes one Doctoral Research Studentship - all of whom began work on 1st October 2006. The whole team is working on a jointly authored book, conference papers, and articles.

A pilot project database is now available for searching.

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