Friday, August 07, 2009

Birthplace of Emperor Vespasian Found?

The AP Wire has a story out titled Birthplace of Roman emperor found in Italy. Some archaelogists think this may have been were the future Emperor Vespasian came into the world. Vespasian would go on to win the civil war of AD 69 and found his own short lived dynasty.

From the article:

Archaeologists say they have unearthed a country villa believed to be the birthplace of Vespasian, the emperor who built the Colosseum.

Lead archaelogist Filippo Coarelli said Friday the 2,000-year-old ruins of the luxurious residence were found about 80 miles (130 kilometers) northeast of Rome.

There are no clear inscriptions on the 5.4-square-mile (14-square-kilometer) complex, but its location and decorations suggest it is from the right period and the emperor was born in the area.
The excavation was carried out by a group of Italian and British archaeologists.

Born in A.D. 9, Vespasian is known for launching a major public works program in Rome. The Colosseum is the most ambitious and best-preserved of his building projects.

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