Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ancient India

FACTS-ABOUT-INDIA.Com has a nice subsection on the History of India. I am highlighting the Ancient India section here. It has subsections on Sources of Ancient Indian History, Pre Historic Period, Indus Valley Civilisation , and the Vedic Age. Another good look is at History of India.

From the site:

The ancient civilization of India grew up in a sharply demarcated sub-continent bounded on the north by the world's largest mountain range-the chain of the Himalayas, which, with its extensions to east and west, divided India from the rest of Asia and the world.

The long sea coasts of India facilitated the growth of maritime trade and a large number of harbours were established through which trade relations with Rome, China, Malaya, South East Asian archipelago were set up. India's centralised position in Indian Ocean is also of great strategic and economic importance.


Anonymous said...

Yes I fully agree with you, I also read the sources of ancient history from and i found it very useful.


Anonymous said...

No reference is provided for the material. I could come put with a site an write what i want. The site is good but i rather have go to wikipedia where i can see the reference.