Monday, November 02, 2009

Mirador: Forgotten Mayan City

Mirador: Forgotten Mayan City - New discoveries in the Guatemalan jungle may rewrite Mayan history. See Brooke Baldwin's exclusive report for CNN.

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MitK said...

This is some pretty neat stuff. My wife and I visited Tikal this summer and were blown away. It's tough to tell at this stage whether Mirador will create the same sorts of tourist opportunities for Guatemala, but it certainly is a significant find anthropologically.

My first question on seeing this post was whether Mirador would rival the pyramids at Giza. Given its size, perhaps it does outdo them. I wonder, though, given the much smaller) sized stones used in building the Mayan pyramid, whether it is quite the engineering (or even organizational) accomplishment of the Eqyptians.

No doubt, though, the Mayans seem to have inhabited what is to me a more beautiful world and, if Tikal is any reflection of what is yet to be found, had perhaps one of the greatest aesthetic senses of ancient (and even modern) civilizations.