Wednesday, November 04, 2009

OZ Fossils: The Age of Reptiles

I discovered a nice site on pre-historic Australian fossils. It is The Eromanga Sea - OZ Fossils: The Age of Reptiles. Readers can learn about the Pliosaurs and Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Ammonites, and Beleminites that lived in the shallow sea that covered inland Australia ten million years ago.

From the site:

About one hundred and ten million years ago a shallow sea covered what is now arid inland Australia. Australia’s most beautiful and complete fossils of this period are of the spectacular marine creatures that lived in this cold sea.

Despite the impressive size of some of these fossils, they are not called dinosaurs, but marine reptiles. In some cases their bones have turned into precious opal. They are beautiful and very valuable specimens. Three main types of marine reptile used to live in the Eromanga Sea.

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