Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Lies Beneath

The site What Lies Beneath was suggested to me by a reader named Tom Stewart. The YouTube clip notes, "Ah. The Cold War. How very British we all were about the prospect of being vaporised at any moment by a hydrogen bomb - the threat of nuclear war was nothing more than a passing annoyance to the ordinary British gent in the street..!"

Tom describes the site itself as, "Its a site that acts as an online exhibition of sorts, looking into European experiences of the cold war. Its a period that fascinates me, and given the nature of your blog I thought it would be interesting if you could post it. I think it could provoke a bit of debate, and even if not, I hope it would provide as much interest for some as it did for me."

Well it does look interesting and I am happy to post about it here.

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