Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comment Spam for the Holidays

Ah, I love the holidays. I get to spend Christmas, New Years, and various free days off from the university with my family. It is relaxing and gives me time for writing and blogging too. And, I get to delete an excessive amount of comment spamfrom this blog.

I guess people with poor websites get desperate at holiday time. They worked hard on a site and then the realization hits them that no one is visiting their crappy domains. In addition, search engines like Google and Yahoo! seem broke because they are not delivering massive amounts of traffic which would allow the Web developer to become a millionaire working only in his underwear from his computer. So, these "entrepreneurs" begin to spam every site they can find to get links which they think will rocket them to the top of Google and allow the site creator to retire to the Bahamas.

And every holiday season, these web gurus start spamming the comment sections of blogs as part of their holiday resolutions for a better life. This includes them spamming this blog. I have deleted over forty of them since Sunday this week. (Hello Bathmate! I sure will visit and buy a pump from you soon.)

Here is why this will not work here even though I realize spammers will not read this:

1. All comments need approval. Any comment that has links in the name of the submitter or in the text to another site gets deleted. Spam comments never get published.

2. Blogger (on which this site is hosted) automatically inserts a do not follow tag to any link which appears in comments. So even if a spam link is approved, it still will generate zero credit in the search rankings for the seach engines. (I bet many spammers do not know even know what the do not follow tag means.)

3. For obnoxious spammers, I send a nice e-mail to spamreport@google.com informing Google of the behavior. I allow God (I mean Google) to make the final determination of any site that has to spam comments on blogs to be found by anyone. (Yes Bathmate, I was nice and told Google about you since you seem to want publicity.)

OK, my yearly anti-spam rant is over. See you next December.

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