Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tonight on History Channel - Santa Quest!

The History Channel is pleased to announce even more insightful historically significant programming for the holidays. In the tradion of Ice Road Truckers and Monster Quest, we present Santa Quest!

For generations, throughout the world, there have been reports of a strange creature who trespasses in homes and often leaves evidence of the visit. Is it a man, an alien, or perhaps an animal unknown to science? Join us tonight as Santa Quest explores this intriguing, if perhaps alarming, story of the reputed Santa Claus. Is it real? Is it dangerous? Our crack team of investigators will interview eyewitnesses such as six year old Timmy Smith who had a personal upclose encounter with the "Santa" last year. In addition, our team will examine camera trap evidence of the supposed visitations by strategically leaving the traps near Christmas Trees and Chimneys around America. What these traps uncovered will shock you.

Also in the wings for the new year is Bunny Quest which will scientifically examine in a historically astute manner the mystery of the Easter Bunny.

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