Friday, September 04, 2009

Ancient-Skies - Human Cultures and Their Skies

Ancient-Skies - Human Cultures and Their Skies allows visitors to learn about the IYA2009 global scientific project. The aim is to collect and publish available information about various human cultures, their astronomical knowledge, and its representation in the sky within a single web accessible knowledgebase.

From the site:

The relationship between mankind and the sky is as old as mankind itself. Human beings started to recognize and interpret the objects and events in the sky as soon, as they had fulfilled their basic needs.

The sky, our common and universal heritage, forms an integral part of all human cultures around the world.The central theme of our project is, that all human beings live on one single planet and share the same sky. Knowing this, we created an infrastructure to preserve this global heritage in a web accessible knowledgebase.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Anne Boleyn Files

The Anne Boleyn Files is a blog dedicated to the doomed English queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII. It includes news, essays, historical biographies, book reviews, and a store with Tudor-related mechandise.

From the site:

This blog is written and managed by Claire Ridgway, a full-time freelance writer, closet history lover, armchair historian and champion of the underdog, from England - land of the Tudors, Shakespeare, green fields and yummy fish and chips. I now live in sunny Spain near the historic Alhambra.

I wanted to share my journey into the annals of history with other people who have an interest in Anne Boleyn and the Tudor period and thought that a blog would be the perfect forum.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

M9.1 "Boxing Day" Earthquake & Tsunami/Indian Ocean Tsunami

Details on the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami from 2004, including maps, animations, and video. It is from the Amateur Seismic Centre, Wellington, New Zealand. (Video from YouTube.)

From the site:

A "very great" earthquake struck the North Indian Ocean & the Bay of Bengal at 00:58 UTC on 26 December 2004. The earthquake began near the island of Simuelue off the west coast of Sumatra and ruptured a 1,500-kilometre section of the boundary between the Indian Plate & the Burmese Microplate. Shaking from the earthquake was felt many parts of south Asia and Indo-China. A devastating Indian Ocean-wide tsunami was generated by this earthquake causing heavy fatalities in many countries surrounding the Indian Ocean basin. This event is also referred to as the "Boxing Day Tsunami and/or Earthquake", "The Asian Tsunami and/or Earthquake and the "Indian Ocean Tsunami".