Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Africville Relocation Report


Africville was a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was inhabited by black families. The city of Halifix grew and in the late 60s decided to annex the land that Africville was on. The buildings in the community were destroyed and the population was evicted to make way for a variety of municipal projects including a bridge. This is a very sad part of Canadian history. The Africville Relocation Report from Dalhousie University has primary source documents from the time.

From the site: 
The Africville Relocation Report of 1971, by Don Clairmont and Dennis Magill, documents the story of the residents of Africville, whose homes and lands were expropriated by the City of Halifax during the 1960s. 
Many years later, this seminal report continues to be a primary source for study in many areas of scholarship including local and Canadian history, African Canadian studies, law, sociology, social work, municipal politics and public administration, urban planning, and environmental racism. 
As a publication of the Institute of Public Affairs, this research study is an enduring manifestation of the intellectual capital of Dalhousie University.  In keeping with the scholarly publishing environment of the 21st Century, the Killam Library is immensely pleased to preserve and enhance access to the Africville Relocation Report as the first digital title in its electronic booklist.

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Random University Student said...

I found this very interesting when I first heard about it on the news, and very sad at the same time. Canada doesn't have the tame and pleasant history that so many wish it did and what has been loudly espoused post-ww2. The regrettable aspects haven't been ignored but have certainly been much quieter. A prof. of mine once noted that often the more Canadians study their history the less they're proud of it. A note that could apply generally to most peoples I assume. For anyone that's interested in Black Canadian history there's a very good amateur history book on Black settlements in Oxford country, in southern Ontario.

"A safe haven : the story of the Black settlers of Oxford County"

Pettigrew, Joyce A.

Aylmer Express Ltd., 2006.